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JinkoSolar Tiger Neo Modules Get An N-type Ultra-Efficiency Upgrade

Nov 5, 2021 03: 02 PM ET

  1. International Photograph voltaic Module indispensable JinkoSolar Preserving Co., Ltd. has genuinely launched a brand new sequence of extremely-atmosphere edifying 2021 Flagship Tiger Neo Modules.

Taking the press to mainstream expansive modules in the photo voltaic self-discipline better, the brand new Tiger Neo adopts N-variety TOPCon innovation with extra improvements in efficiency, vitality, vitality thickness, as well to reliability to originate a maximum vitality fracture consequence of up to 620W. Conversion effectiveness has genuinely been declared at upto 22.30%.

Greater Energy Generation Performance

JinkoSolar’s N-variety TOPCon technology is set 5% to 6% intention more legitimate than mono PERC providing 3% to 4% even more vitality technology, per the company. The Tiger Neo is standardized from 182mm wafers, and aspects Multi-Busbar (MBB) and additionally half-lower cell modern technology to lower interior resistance loss, and additionally the spherical solder strip fashion increases optical glean to create obvious the extremely-high effectiveness of roughly 22.30%.

Greater Bifacial Ingredient

Tiger Neo’s bifacial a part of as worthy as 85% is an out of this world support on memoir of its 5% to 15% bigger vitality yield when compared to traditional P-variety bifacial modules in its lifestyles-time duration. A bigger bifacial part additionally enhances its vitality technology ability and additionally vitality technology efficiency.

Lower Deterioration and additionally Longer Warranty

Due to the less LID as well to LeTID threats, JinkoSolar is supplying an industry-main 30-year straight vitality fracture consequence assurance. The fundamental-year deterioration has genuinely been asserted to be now not up to 1% and vitality consequence’s assured to be as a minimum 87.40% of the nominal vitality output after thirty years.

Diminished Temperature Coefficient

The Tiger Neo module has a lower temperature level coefficient of -0.30%/ ℃ when compared with -0.35%/ ℃ for the P-variety, that makes it intention more prolonged lasting to preserve up against vulgar and additionally high-temperature environments. Its low-gentle efficiency and additionally diminutive irradiance attitude extends technology duration of the panel at some level of the day. It is these advantages of low-temperature coefficient, low destruction, and high bifacial part, that allow annual vitality return 3% bigger than that of mainstream P-variety bifacial modules, states the corporate.

Jinko asserts that on memoir of of N-variety’s bigger return charges and its alter over manufacturing costs with better process modern technology, JinkoSolar continues to be ahead of its opponents.

Mr. Kangping Chen, President of JinkoSolar Co., Ltd., commented, “The international PV market is coming into a stamp-new technology of vitality technology at an phenomenal price. The indulge in to take care of plenty of vitality utility conditions and additionally the seriousness of the authorities and diverse sectors for vitality transformation indulge in pressed the photo voltaic vitality expect to a brand new level. The new Tiger Neo flagship series became as soon as created to meet the calls for of expansive-scale vitality, industrial as well to industrial dispersed technology, and residential functions. By the advantages of the N-variety TOPCon innovation, possibilities can exercise intention more legitimate, more honest, and lots more winning PV methods. Our team imagine that the Tiger Neo modules will remain to set stamp-new sector necessities, and extra advertise the expansion of the arena photo voltaic industry to create obvious that even more other folks can indulge in the support of a brighter future pushed by trim vitality services.”


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