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As Battery Cell Prices Struck $110/KWH, Challenges Remain

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As Battery Cell Prices Struck $110/KWH, Challenges Remain

Dec 4, 2020 01:29 PM ET

  1. According to Benchmark Mineral Intelligence's research, Lithium-ion battery cell rates have actually lowered from $290/kWh in 2014 to $110/kWh in 2020 (big agreement automotive), and also there is a sight in the lithium-ion market that this trend will certainly proceed forever.

This subsequently will certainly decrease the rate of electrical cars and bring expense parity in between the internal combustion engine (ICE) and also electrical lorries (EV) in the USD 20,000-30,000 mass-market lorry section.

However this is not the trigger the sector has been awaiting, not yet at least.

Battery price evaluation is based upon generally 2 points i.e. economic climates of range and technical improvement, yet a third essential input to cell prices is the expense of resources, which is not considered a lot of the moment. Price volatility is presented to the vehicle battery supply chain at the mineral removal phase. Here prices are identified by the market principles of supply, demand, cost and also supply level.

This year with its unmatched demand shock the market has actually been generally beneficial for EVs, with more and more news on EV sales targets, cell and cathode financial investments. Nevertheless, the mining finance side of the marketplace has actually been establishing to be a slow-motion calamity. Simply put, the financing is done for products and chemicals, but except their supply. Mines and refineries call for high sunk resources, in testing social and political settings. They take years to find, specify, licence and also construct. Geology does not acknowledge boundaries as well as EU as well as other “Green Subsidies” will not, for instance, finance nickel and also cobalt mining in Indonesia.

To recognize lithium-ion cell prices, you require to recognize resources

If one considers what happens to NCM 811 cell prices, then each of lithium, cobalt as well as nickel hit their highest price levels of the past 10 years. The outcome is a boost in cell prices from USD 87.2/ kwh to USD 119.0/ kwh. The exact same quantity of lithium, cobalt, and also nickel running along the same production line, yet with a 36.5% boost.

When a 10% cell manufacturer margin is consisted of, relocating from a manufacturing cost to a cost, in a 70 kWh battery pack this adds virtually USD 2,500 to every automobile. Given raw material markets are extensively anticipated to see supply deficits in the coming years it would seem to be optimistic to base investment intend on historical efficiency. Battery expenses and also costs will certainly not remain to decline because they have actually declined in the past. Larger factories, greater nickel content, increased energy density from the anode and a thousand incremental enhancements will all assist drive cell expenses reduced, however, without financial investment in mining as well as refining ability, these drops could be swiftly turned around.


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