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Florida Solar East is the leader in the Florida clean energy revolution! Florida Solar East puts the power back in your hands. Our headquarters is based in Rockledge Florida, combined with partners, and agents throughout the sunshine state. FSE provides expertly designed, and installed solar systems, EV charging Stations, and more!



  • Florida Solar East offers a free Annual performance check. We make sure that your system is operating at peak performance levels. 


  • If you are solar conscious then you might be driving an electric vehicle already. At Florida Solar East we install level one, and two chargers. Your dealership provides a level one charger that takes a copious amount of time to recharge. With a level two charger you can cut the time in half, and gain your independence back!


  • If years down the road you come to realize you need a new roof we will uninstall, and reinstall the system for you at cost.




Panel level Monitoring


  • Far too many companies do not provide panel level monitoring. At Florida Solar East panel level monitoring is standard. You will have access, and understanding of your systems production.


  • You can access this data from your desktop, tablet, or smart phone. This is through the manufactures website that we install, setup, and then turn over to you. Panel level monitoring is available for Enphase, Power One, and Solar Edge systems.


Performance Guarantee


  • With this level of monitoring we will notice any deficiency in your systems production, and be able to resolve the situation in a timely manor.


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