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Belltown Power Texas establishing 640 MW of storage to accompany existing solar portfolio


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Belltown Power Texas establishing 640 MW of storage to accompany existing solar portfolio

Apr 13, 2021 11:00 AM ET

  1. Belltown Power Texas has actually begun the advancement of stand-alone storage space projects to enhance its portfolio of solar possessions, with a target of over 1 GW to be brought online over the following 2 to 3 years.

Over the last year, Belltown identified numerous areas where the demand for storage space is expected to become progressively vital and is currently creating four storage websites with an overall capability of 640 MW.

“The requirement for storage space has been apparent to us for a very long time and also we enjoy to include such projects to our portfolio. The recent occasions in ERCOT have only enhanced our dedication to the area,” claimed Austin Willis, storage development lead for Belltown.

Belltown has actually been developing solar projects in ERCOT for over five years. In this time, Belltown has actually completed 6 various purchases encompassing 8 projects amounting to more than 1 GW of solar capability.

“We are delighted with what we have attained to date in ERCOT, and look forward to proceeding our payment through our solar, solar + storage, and also standalone storage space projects,” claimed Lloyd Pope, president of Belltown.



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Belltown Power

Lloyd Pope

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