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Emera Technologies as well as Novonix Partner on Ingenious Battery Technology



Emera Technologies as well as Novonix Partner on Ingenious Battery Technology

Feb 19, 2021 04:24 PM ET

  1. Emera Technologies as well as Halifax-based Novonix Battery Technology Solutions (Novonix) are working together to develop battery pack systems to sustain microgrids that will provide solar power directly to houses, and could result in interesting future chances throughout North America.

In the loss of 2020, Emera Technologies released BlockEnergy, the very first utility-owned community microgrid system, and partnered with Lennar homebuilders to implement the technology in a brand-new residential community in Florida. For the past year, the Emera Technologies group has actually likewise been working with Novonix, a Halifax based battery technology business, to establish a battery pack consisting of ingenious layouts, custom production, and also control systems to support the direct current BlockEnergy microgrid.

” Emera’s BlockEnergy platform is a fantastic example of applying our technology to the real world projects and also establishing systems with requirements not offered currently in commercial items, and that have tangible downstream applications,” stated Dr. Chris Burns, co-founder and also Chief Executive Officer of Novonix. “This project brings the opportunity to partner on not just the development but also production of new battery systems with considerable market chances. The target market is not limited to the USA yet will additionally consist of a concentrate on possibilities and also customers here in Canada,” claimed Dr. Burns.

Novonix was born out of work by Dr. Jeff Dahn’s Research study Group at Dalhousie College that concentrates on lithium-ion battery research and currently functions specifically with Tesla. Dr. Dahn will certainly join Novonix on July 1, 2021 as their Chief Scientific Expert. “Partnerships like Novonix and Emera Technologies help take battery technology developments to the real life, in this instance powering specific household houses,” claimed Dr. Dahn.

Emera Technologies and also Novonix strategy to field test the very first demonstration devices in 2021 which will aid educate decisions around system specifics as well as style.

” We’re actually delighted concerning this collaboration and this project,” stated Rob Bennett, President and CEO of Emera Technologies. “We’re developing something that doesn’t exist today, that will help give individuals with cleaner, more dependable power, as well as we have the ability to capitalize on know-how in the house in Nova Scotia to do that.”



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