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FIMER Launches 2 New Platforms for Utility PV Market



FIMER Launches 2 New Platforms for Utility PV Market

Jun 23, 2021 08:17 AM ET

  1. Leading solar inverter supplier FIMER has announced the launch of two new platforms for the utility-scale field– a high-power multi-MPPT string inverter and a modular conversion service– which are designed to cater for both decentralized and systematized applications covering 100 percent of utility applications.

With one of the most recent Renewable Energy Market Update from the International Energy Agency mentioning that the share of utility scale applications will certainly raise from over 55 percent in 2020 to almost 70 percent in 2022, the need for dependable, versatile and also high-power density remedies is currently extremely important to satisfying market needs, today as well as in the future.

As a result, string remedies have become one of the most preferred technology for the international utility market, thanks to the modular conversion offering greater yield, marginal lasting danger and also reduced O&M initiatives to accomplish cheapest LCOE compared to a central remedy.

FIMER’s brand-new PVS-350 is an effective as well as power thick multi-MPPT string inverter, maximized for decentralized PV system designs with a maximum performance of ɳMAX > 99 percent to guarantee the highest energy return It likewise claimed to have the smallest footprint when contrasted to other similar items, and also dramatically reduces the danger of downtime that can occur with main inverters.

For centralized system designs– which presently represent almost 40 percent of the marketplace– FIMER is likewise introducing PVS-260/ PVS-300, a fully-modular remedy engineered with a single-MPPT string platform. It is expected to easily change main inverters in more traditional layouts, considerably enhancing efficiency as well as reducing BoP expenses, enhancing the LCOE– achieving a 2.3 percent decrease on the LCOE of a modular conversion architecture compared to a main service.

It is also claimed to have greater system availability, above 99.9 percent compared to 99.5 percent optimum from central services. In addition, the PVS-260/ PVS-300 has a big capacity integrated with super-compact design single MPPT power block, to enable system developers to keep a ‘centralized’ system design if favored. All power electronic devices are likewise focused nearby to the other vital AC power assets to simplify control and also routine maintenance.

By combining the power modules in a manufacturing facility pre-assembled and also pretested MV terminal, the brand-new platform is expected to compete with multi-megawatt scale terminal layouts of the current central inverters, allowing system designers to apply the modular design to systems of any type of size. The new platforms will additionally be conveniently able to integrate with future requirements for battery storage, offering a whole-system remedy for the utility market now as well as in the future.

While the move far from central inverters to string innovations in the utility market has actually enhanced over the past 5 years, FIMER acknowledges that central architectures are still common. That is why the firm has actually created the PVS-350 inverter and PVS-260/ PVS-300 modular conversion platform to provide for both decentralized as well as systematized applications.

Maren Schmidt, Managing Supervisor of the Utility industry, explained: “With the utility market anticipated to expand considerably over the following few years, we wanted to provide an option that optimizes ROI on both conventional system architectures and all various other emerging system plans including storage, while maintaining the necessary values of modularity.”

” These unique-to-the-market options are truly ground-breaking platforms for the utility sector, as they have the ability to satisfy the requirements of utility-scale customers currently, in addition to easily adjust to and also incorporate with innovations in the future.”

Filippo Carzaniga, Chairman at FIMER, added: “It is a rapidly expanding market and, therefore, FIMER lately announced strategies to create a committed Research & Development Center in Italy for utility. As part of this commitment to R&D, we have amazing launches intended later this year, which will bring more development to the market.”

FIMER has likewise launched its ‘new period of FIMER’, a 360 ° immersive virtual experience which enables consumers from all over the world to discover FIMER’s centers, innovotations and also processes at its international HQ in Vimercate and also its Terranuova Bracciolini R&D as well as production plant, from their own laptop computers or wise devices.



Filippo Carzaniga

modular conversion solution

Maren Schmidt



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