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Gridtential Generates Breakthrough AGM Battery With East Penn Manufacturing


Gridtential Generates Breakthrough AGM Battery With East Penn Manufacturing

Apr 28, 2021 09:19 AM ET

  1. Gridtential Energy– an innovator and also developer of Silicon Joule battery technology, has revealed it is launching a collection of groundbreaking AGM reference batteries generated on East Penn Manufacturing's prototype line.

The first offering is a single-block 24V lead battery enhanced for deep-cycle applications. A 12V power version will comply with later on in Q2 2021, with 48V versions of each showing up in the second fifty percent of the year.

Silicon Joule recommendation batteries are designed for lab and also area screening, enabling battery producers as well as OEMs to experience the advantages of Gridtential’s copyrighted AGM modern technology. Silicon Joule batteries allow manufacturers to relocate straight from prototype to automation, with 90 percent of the necessary equipment currently in operation in their factories.

While standard lead-battery designs enabled 6V and also 12V monoblock arrangements, until now 24V and also greater voltage arrangements were not readily practical. OEMs needed to incorporate lower-voltage batteries to accomplish greater voltages, boosting their costs and presenting factors of failing.

Gridtential mentioned that it split the trouble with Silicon Joule, a revolutionary battery technology that substitutes cured silicon wafers for conventional lead grids as well as combines them making use of a patented “stack-and-seal” style that provides uniform current distribution and also efficient thermal monitoring, reducing failure settings like sulfation, corrosion and grid growth.

The result is a sophisticated AGM lead battery that delivers up to 5X the power density, 2X the discharge price at a 75 percent reduced levelised price of electrical power (LCOE) than standard lead batteries, offering high-performance at dramatically lower weight, developing an attractive alternative to lithium-ion.

Unlike lithium-ion, Silicon Joule batteries are thermally steady and 99 percent recyclable in facilities worldwide. And thanks to their flexible stacked design, they can fit a vast array of voltage configurations, including 12V, 24V, 36V as well as also 48V in a monoblock form variable.

Silicon Joule’s efficiency, lengthy life and also flexibility as per the companies claims make it well-suited to a variety of energy-storage applications, from personal movement to residence energy storage to hybrid automotive:

  1. 24V deep-cycle (offered now): electrical sweepers, scooters, wheelchairs, riding lawn mowers, e-bikes

  2. 12V power (available Q2 2021): power-sports SLI, automobile start-stop as well as EV auxiliary

  3. 48V deep-cycle (readily available 2H 2021): golf carts, e-tuktuks, renewable resource storage space, telecom, data facility backup, micro-grid

  4. 48V power (available 2H 2021): mild-hybrid, EV auxiliary, ADAS, start-stop, infomercial and regenerative stopping.

“International electrification is the future. But to get there, the world needs a much better battery– one that’s ready for manufacturing and also leverages today’s manufacturing facilities. With our brand-new referral batteries, made with a world-class partner, makers as well as OEMs can see for themselves that Silicon Joule is the answer they have actually been searching for,” said Gridtential CEO John Barton.


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