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Leading PV Inverter Brands to Launch Products Compatible With 210 Ultra-High Power Modules


Leading PV Inverter Brands to Launch Products Compatible With 210 Ultra-High Power Modules

Feb 8, 2021 08:25 AM ET

  1. The globe's leading photovoltaic inverter brand names have actually introduced the marketplace launch of inverters suitable with the 210 Ultra-High Power Modules. Automation of the inverters is due to begin in March 2021, and the rate is expected to stay at a degree suitable with that said of other sorts of inverters.

The full launch of inverters that sustain 210 modules underlines the ecological as well as technological interdependency of 210 Ultra-High Power Modules as well as the 600W+ Solar Open Innovation Ecological Alliance, both of which were started by Trina Solar, a leading international PV and also clever power overall solution provider. The new inverters progress the application of 210 ultra-high power module items on the system side.

On Jan 29 Huawei Digital Technology (Suzhou) Co Ltd stated that it would certainly manufacture inverter models: SUN2000-196KTL-H3 for Chinese market at the end of March 2021 as well as SUN2000-215KTL-H3 for various other international markets at the end of May 2021. Both models will enhance the maximum present per MPPT to 100A, to be compatible with the high existing attributes of 210 modules and additional lower the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) of solar nuclear power plant.

On Feb 3 Sineng Electric Co Ltd claimed a brand-new string inverter (version SP-250K-H) had been released that will be compatible with the 210 modules as well as will certainly be on the marketplace in March.

On February 5 Sungrow Power Supply Co Ltd claimed that centralized inverters (design SG3125HV) and also string inverters (residential design SG225HX; global design SG250HX) now in supply are totally compatible with 210 Ultra-High Power Modules.

SMA claimed that all central inverters and also 2 sorts of String inverters SHP 150 & STP 110 currently in supply and also totally compatible with 210 ultra-hig power modules.

GoodWe, Ginlong, Kstar and also other inverter makers have additionally introduced the schedule of inverters suitable with the 210 Ultra-High Power Modules of that can support them, and say they intend to introduce new high-current inverters.

All this brings new vigor to the entire photovoltaic or pv sector. A year ago Trina Solar released its initial 210 modules, signifying a new age in the whole photovoltaic or pv industry. While pushing for advancements in module technology and also raising power, sustaining items such as inverters and tracking systems have actually additionally been completely updated to suit the 600W+ period.

Central inverters and a string inverter have both passed market testing. The compatibility of the 210 inverters and also modules might result in even more worth in the application process. Especially, low-voltage, high-current modules can understand a longer string, consequently reducing the variety of strings as well as the expense of PV DC wires, decreasing LCOE, highlighting the power generation gain as well as cost benefits of high-power modules.

In June 2020 industry-leading silicon wafers, batteries, modules, inverters, tracker systems, products, EPC, style institutes, specialist research study establishments and proprietors jointly established the 600W+ Solar Open Innovation Ecological Alliance. The upstream as well as downstream cooperation system of the industrial chain was hence created, with greater than 66 members.

As an important link in the photovoltaic or pv industry chain, inverters and also tracker systems have entered the 210 period, causing more smooth collaboration, recommending a more mature 210 market chain and also PV eco-friendly system.


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