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Lithium-Ion modern technology for batteries to control the marketplace over the next decade


Lithium-Ion modern technology for batteries to control the marketplace over the next decade

Jan 29, 2021 06:07 PM ET

  1. Lithium-ion modern technology is anticipated to remain to control the market for rechargeable batteries over the following years. This is the final thought gotten to by a group of battery scientists led by Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster (WWU), Germany, in a research study on lithium-ion battery (LIB) production and also alternate modern technologies.

For 2030, international production of rechargeable batteries is anticipated to raise from currently 750 GWh annually to 1,500 GWh. The research study suggests that the established LIB “will dominate the market for rechargeable high-energy batteries in the medium term.” Alternative battery technologies, especially solid-state batteries, yet additionally lithium-sulfur or lithium-air batteries, are being intensively researched, yet are not yet being mass-produced on an industrial range. Based upon the numerous manufacturing abilities for LIBs presently being produced, a button to supposed post-lithium-ion batteries (PLIB) would certainly involve new process technologies, production settings and also proficiencies, and also would certainly therefore call for investments in the billions.

The LIB production procedures can not be moved one-to-one to many downstream technologies. Just the production of sodium-ion batteries is similar with that said of lithium-ion batteries in several process steps. However, since this kind of battery has so far had a significantly lower energy web content, it does not stand for a prospect for the mass market served by lithium-ion innovation. The production procedures of other post-lithium-ion batteries would be “considerably various from the production of lithium-ion batteries.”

Lithium-ion technology “incorporates useful attributes such as power and also power density, security, lifetime, and inexpensive. On top of that, the manufacturing centers currently being built all over the world are already developing truths that are most likely to make it difficult for prospective downstream modern technologies to catch up,” says Richard Schmuch, deputy head of products at the MEET Battery Research Center. Together with Fabian Duffner, Institute for Business Management at the Department of Chemistry as well as Pharmacy at WWU as well as Porsche Consulting GmbH, he supervised of the evaluation.

The study group released a post on making processes for various battery key ins “Nature Energy”.


Lithium-ion batteries



Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster


Richard Schmuch



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