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Q CELLS North America as well as Kendall Sustainable Infrastructure announce collaboration

Jan 14, 2022 02: 52 PM ET

  1. The energy solutions offering arm of Q CELLS North The US is partnering with development commerce Kendall Sustainable Infrastructure (KSI) to co-create and furthermore fund solar and furthermore storage initiatives.

Q CELLS brings its fat suite of remedies consisting of Energy Administration Instrument (EMS), BESS details and furthermore renewable resource equipment. As properly as to experience, Q CELLS has alloted capital for financial investment into KSI initiatives within the United States consisting of these that could well encompass solar modules, BESS, grid companies and products and its Geli EMS.

For pick energy storage initiatives, Q CELLS will definitely furthermore enjoy the flexibility to produce its Grid Fairness financing item, developed to de-anguish energy storage initiatives in KSI’s challenge portfolio. Q CELLS’s Grid Fairness option maximizes the price of energy storage programs by participating in ISO wholesale markets and build apart a question to response programs.

Dan Loflin, Senior Vice President of Q CELLS North The US’s Distributed Energy Solutions firm stated, “We’re thrilled to start working with KSI, and furthermore explore this collaboration as an impactful progression in demonstrating our capabilities as a entire energy solutions carrier. We eagerly predict participating in challenge style campaigns with KSI with supplying our equipment, instrument and furthermore financing suggestions developed to optimize returns while de-risking energy storage earnings.”

John Chaimanis, Founder and furthermore Managing Director of Kendall Sustainable Infrastructure acknowledged, “Teaming up with Q CELLS boosts our competitiveness by alongside side an weird and wonderful functionality available within the market. Q CELLS brings salubrious dependability and furthermore properly-timed innovation. Interacting will definitely enable us to continue handing over on our pledge of ‘label-added money’ in a globe of commodity resources. We’re ecstatic to use Q CELLS’ fat energy remedies bundle.”


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