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Roadmap Launched for Future Deployment of Energy Storage Technology


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Roadmap Launched for Future Deployment of Energy Storage Technology

Dec 9, 2020 12:53 PM ET

  1. The function of power storage and also the part it will play in helping the UK reach its net-zero targets by 2050 has been laid out in a roadmap

The duty of power storage as well as the part it will certainly play in helping the UK reach its net-zero targets on carbon emissions by 2050 has actually been laid out in a roadmap created by scientists at the University of Birmingham, drawing on professional understanding from throughout the power market.

The Energy Storage Roadmap, went for a webinar gone to by market, academic as well as policy professionals, analyzes the role of power storage space in the UK’s future energy system over the following 10-15 years and lays out exactly how UK study and development can contribute in developing this system.

It includes that attaining net-zero targets will certainly depend on the development of renewable energy sources such as wind and also tidal power and also the take-up of electrical lorries as well as heatpump. Because the energy generated by renewable resources differs, there is a boosting need for durable power storage technologies– for both electricity as well as warm– which can maintain power systems secure as well as supply trusted.

Technologies that allow energy to be stored over hours, days and months have actually been acknowledged as crucial in the Government’s Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution. Creating these systems in a sustainable and also incorporated method is key to the shift to a low-carbon energy system.

To achieve these goals, the roadmap lays out a series of essential suggestions to lead future study and plan concerns, consisting of:

  1. Strengthen research and development in electrochemical batteries. This consists of structure on existing strengths in electric vehicle battery research, as well as performing better work to analyze the impacts of battery degradation and also other ecological results.

  2. Continue reforms to the electricity market as well as its regulation to make it possible for energy storage space technologies to compete in the industry.

  3. Rise advancement support for large energy storage modern technologies, including thermal as well as seasonal storage.

  4. Buy Electric Vehicle production in the UK, including sustaining the growth of a circular economic climate in this sector.

  5. Make certain that policy and policy keeps pace with technical innovation, specifically for the raising combination of warm, power and also transport.

  6. Accomplish systems analysis and also modelling to boost understanding of the function that energy storage can play to meet the needs of future power generation.

  7. Establish institutional competencies to enable energy storage space to be run across scales, whilst supplying a larger system advantage.

Lead author, Dr. Jonathan Radcliffe, of the Energy Systems as well as Policy Analysis Group at the University of Birmingham, said “power storage space will certainly play a critical role as we remain to integrate low-carbon energy systems. In order to accelerate this change, we require robust energy storage space modern technologies and also clear strategies for implementing them. This roadmap will be very important for prioritising and also leading existing as well as future tasks.”

Professor David Elmes of Warwick Business School, who chaired the roadmap’s launch webinar, said it is terrific to see that the Energy Storage Research & Innovation Roadmap checks out electrical energy as well as heat with each other. The seasonal need for warmth greatly surpasses the UK’s existing electrical energy need. “A roadmap that covers several uses of power is important– home heating, air conditioning, our current uses of power as well as likewise the rising need as we amaze transportation with EVs.”



University of Birmingham

Jonathan Radcliffe

David Elmes



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