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SB Energy to Use SenseHawk’s SaaS Tech for Solar Site Ops Digitization

Nov 3, 2021 12: 28 PM ET

  1. SB Energy’s implementation of the SenseHawk procedure mobility and property particulars provider for solar will enable faraway management of all possessions through a solitary, highly wonderful dashboard.

  2. Every aspect, tournament, and further aspect on the procedure is digitized and packed into SenseHawk’s intention-basically based platform.

SenseHawk, a solar gadget application as a provider (SaaS) startup, has supplied that SB Energy, SoftBank Crew Corp’s US-basically based solar and storage platform, has in actuality embraced its option for digitizing solar procedure operations.

The delivery will enable SB Energy to elevate out hasty tournament-response time while rising operations and maintenance (O&M) effectiveness, leading to powerful financial financial savings and bigger returns on their financial funding, acknowledged the firm.

Abhijit Sathe, Co-CEO of SB Energy claimed, “Our company take into accout the SenseHawk electronic workflow treatment for our running websites will consequence in tall productivity gains for our O&M neighborhood. It is the private of advancement the biggest for scaling renewables.”

SB Energy’s implementation of the SenseHawk procedure mobility and asset info option for solar will for sure hang it that you just can well be in a position to evaluate for faraway monitoring of all assets through a single, highly wonderful dashboard. The integrated “digital twin” gadget fuses loyal-time performance info, drone feeds, and a lot extra, with a paunchy-featured electronic version of the procedure to encourage with wonderful workflows that will even be imagined on a intention.

The flexibility to perfectly incorporate with SB Energy’s managerial adjust and knowledge acquisition (SCADA) gadget is expected to enable users to remove and focal point on the terror alerts, and convert them into workable, geo-positioned initiatives for procedure groups.

” Our purpose is to hang on-procedure operations as straightforward as opening your favourite maps application and finding a eating institution in a stamp-fresh city while additionally making interaction and coordination easier. The SB Energy implementation stands testament to the loyal buck value that our platform can offer,” claimed Swarup Mavanoor, CEO of SenseHawk.

Photograph voltaic gadget is seeing increased grip with the velocity of solar setups worldwide. Nonetheless, antagonistic expense good buy in building and O&M is rising difficulties for O&M groups tasked with making particular optimum plant effectivity. Pondering that tradition digital maintenance monitoring systems (CMMS) for plant maintenance are no longer instinctive for field workers use, O&M employee restful count on e-mails and deep private knowing of solar farms to resolve initiatives in a piece clarify. This ends in particulars personnel being dedicated to particulars websites, rising expense.

SenseHawk’s electronic twin, which mimics the property and its atmosphere on the platform, makes onsite job management fresh and serene, even for techs that are on-procedure for the very first time, states the company. With the SenseHawk application, a provider technician can switch to a stamp-fresh procedure and swiftly pause up being productive with out desiring time to “stare” the procedure. It is acknowledged that label financial savings of 20-30% are straightforward to elevate out with the productivity gains SenseHawk delivers. The SenseHawk platform is endeavor-prepared with a appreciable gadget of partnership, accessibility adjust, and single tag-on (SSO) functionality.

Every section, occasion, and further aspect on the procedure is digitized and stuffed into SenseHawk’s intention-basically based platform. A SCADA terror, as an illustration, will for sure trigger a workflow with initiatives labelled to particulars ingredients or ingredients on the intention. O&M provider technicians can hang use of SenseHawk’s mobile intention interface to discover and attain these initiatives. All job updates, including pictures, documents, and statements, are synced to the cloud, guaranteeing that each person relies on date.

Don Nista, Director of O&M, SB Energy acknowledged, “We want that the SenseHawk platform will encourage our specialists and drivers to situate a downside and after that with out misfortune and swiftly perceive what particular actions to rob to repair the field and preserve, or exceed, procedure return targets.”

While SB Energy has in actuality currently made use of SenseHawk’s drone analytics skills to preserve up track of construction quality and growth, it currently intends to use SenseHawk’s job monitoring tools and Therm treatment for infrared thermography at its purposeful vegetation.


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