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Solar Pool Heating May Be Your Next Best Move

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

When it’s hot in Florida, nothing is more refreshing as a sparkling cold pool. While residents in the Sunshine State enjoy a year-round tropical climate, temperatures can dip in the winter months creating less than desirable swimming conditions. Many homeowners choose to install pool heaters that keep water temperatures comfortable even in the cooler months, allowing for uninterrupted pool enjoyment.

Not only do heaters keep pools warm when it’s cold outside, but they also provide the heat needed for spas and hot tubs as well. Simply put, if your pool doesn’t have a heater or your existing heater is outdated, it’s time to consider what system will work best for your needs.

Heating The Pool Without Raising Your Utility Bill’s Temperature

Pool heating systems have been historically viewed as unnecessary expenses that send utility bills through the roof. However, through modern advancements in technology, homeowners have a broader choice of heating systems that create less impact on their wallets.

Pool Solar Systems

Solar systems are not only changing the way we power our homes and businesses, but they are also creating less expensive means by which we heat pools and home spas. The solar pool system uses collectors that absorb the heat radiated from the sun. Once absorbed, the heat boosts the pool’s temperature by circulating water through collectors, warmed, then routed back to the pool or spa.

Gas And Electric Heat Pump Conversion

Depending on the age of your pool’s current gas or electric heat pump, converting to solar technology that harnesses the sun’s power will slash your pool heating costs significantly. In some instances, adding a solar system to an existing pool heating equipment lineup is optimal. Pairing a traditional heater with solar technology reduces the system’s total reliance on the heater to raise pool and spa water temperatures.

Renewable Energy Source

Solar power is proven to save you money and be a healthier power alternative for our environment. Better yet, solar power technology is continually improving and producing innovative systems that offer numerous positive returns on your initial investment.

When considering the expenses of heating your pool and spa and the benefits of alternative heating sources like solar power, it is essential to consult professional solar system installation companies for options. High-quality solar system equipment, expert system planning, and professional installation are vital for good pool heating and utility bill reduction.

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