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Solar Power Globe's most-read stories of 2020

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Solar Power Globe's most-read stories of 2020

Dec 16, 2020 11:46 AM ET

  1. During a year unlike any other, Solar Power World proceeded working hard to bring solar installers, designers and also manufacturers the functions and also information they needed to do their jobs much better. Without meetings to participate in for chances to learn more about the latest items as well as fads in the sector, SPW editors recognized it was more crucial than ever before to maintain viewers up-to-date with prompt posts.

We’re pleased to count down the 10 most-read tales

10. Solar’s quiet awesome: Backsheets are reducing some project lifespans

New study right into photovoltaic panel failures indicated a surprising culprit: Cheaply made backsheets. Much more extensive screening choices as well as sector recognition have considering that assisted developers select even more trustworthy versions, however there’s no very easy solution for malfunctioning backsheets in the field.

9. Perovskite solar cells: Hero, bad guy or just simple fantasy?

Perovskite solar cells are an often-misunderstood brand-new innovation, however they’re qualified of supplying greater performance at an exponentially lower expense. Its distinctively easy manufacturing process could additionally make it quickly scalable to assist satisfy worldwide no emissions targets.

8. Neglect 400 watts. JinkoSolar launches 580-W solar panel for utility-scale market

JinkoSolar’s flagship Tiger Pro module collection includes an optimal power result of approximately 580 W– 40% more than existing mainstream 72-cell modules. The firm uses half-cut cells, nine busbars as well as tiling ribbon modern technology to boost efficiency.

7. Sunflare’s latest thin-film solar module fits between joints of steel roof covering

Thin-film photovoltaic panel maker Sunflare released an unique module that fits in between joints on metal roofings. The 60-W CIGS panels are placed onto the roofing system making use of peel-and-stick butyl sticky support.

6. Petersen-Dean apply for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Residential solar and roof installer Petersen Dean applied for Chapter 11 insolvency in Nevada in June. The company stated the voluntary restructuring was caused by the pandemic.

5. Tips for mounting solar inverters on commercial roofs

Although the dreamland to mount inverters remains in a locked, climate-controlled room, that’s commonly not possible. Many installers instead decide to install industrial inverters on the exact same degree as the modules, yet roof inverter mounting needs unique factors to consider.

4. Just exactly how concerned should the solar sector have to do with battery fires?

Terminates brought on by power storage systems may be uncommon currently, however they might end up being a larger concern as solar + storage fostering grows. Safely keeping batteries and taking regional climate into account can aid decrease risk.

3. SMA launches its initial 1,500-V solar inverter with direct 480-V result

SMA America revealed the Sunny Highpower PEAK3 125-kW for ground-mount projects with 480-VAC interconnection. The brand-new inverter is developed to work best for area solar, farming accumulation metering and also other large projects.

2. Inverter competition causes debt consolidation and also leaves

The competitive inverter production space confirmed much more challenging than usual in 2019, as we reported in this very early 2020 patterns item. Rate stress as well as competition triggered a number of purchases and also leaves of solar energy electronic devices firms.

1. Pro tip: Never use soap to clean filthy photovoltaic panels

While soap was advised for sanitizing hands as well as also grocery stores in 2020, it shouldn’t be used to tidy solar panels. Rather, specialists suggest project owners to scrub modules with deionized water or specialized cleansing concentrates.



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