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Solar Support offers integrated solar plant and equipment maintenance services





Solar Support offers integrated solar plant and equipment maintenance services

Nov 22, 2019 02:30 PM ET

  1. Solar Support has started its comprehensive plant and inverter maintenance and repair solution. The company cooperates with major operation and maintenance providers in the US, which enables Solar Support to comprise inverter operation and construction management knowledge. Such combination of skills helps it fix complicated faults in power supply systems.

The company renders onsite and remote consultancy and repair services for photovoltaic plant owners to help them maintain maximum performance of their facilities. 

The support provider has an almost 25-year technical expertise in photovoltaic electronics, which includes scheduled and urgent maintenance with over 800 error codes on almost 50 types of inverters. 

The vast diagnostic database provided by the company is first of the kind. Over a thousand clients applied to its free remote troubleshooting over the first year of the portal’s existence. 

The company actively collaborates with manufacturers, which enables Solar Support to provide qualitative on-demand onsite service. This increases manufacturer performance and at the same time reduces warranty costs. The automated customer support systems by SS allow manufacturers to render excellent service and save manpower.



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Solar Support



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