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Storage Remains In Emphasis With New 1200 MW tender Strategy from SECI

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Storage Remains In Emphasis With New 1200 MW tender Strategy from SECI

Apr 1, 2020 03:09 PM ET

  1. After the success of its previous 1200 MW tender for eco-friendly generation plus assured peak supply, the Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) has actually released a notification welcoming tender (NIT) for a repeat of its previous tender. That was oversubscribed by 420 MW.

SECI notifies us that information will certainly be published quickly on the site of the company.

The previous tender, which was at some point won by Greenko Group as well as Renew Power, with 900 MW and also 300 MW allocations specifically, was hailed a massive move on in making renewable resource a reputable companion for the nationwide grid, by offering power as needed with substantial storage space dedications. To preserve energy on renewable resource, the federal government has actually additionally been promoting a much more continual push in storage space modern technologies, ideally made in India.

Also in the recommended tender, like the previous one, the RE creating element could be either a solar photovoltaic (SPV) system or a wind power system or a crossbreed system of both modern technologies. The toll layout is most likely to have the exact same two-part tolls alternative: Peak Tariff and also Off-Peak Tariff.

Greenko had actually won the proposal with a combined toll price of Rs 4.07, while Renew Power’s combined price was Rs 4.30. Fees thought about affordable with nonrenewable fuel source powered generation in India today.

The height toll price (storage space backed) of Greenko had actually been Rs 6.12, while for Renew, it was Rs 6.85. Greenko’s quote stuck out for its use pumped hydro as its storage space alternative, while Renew stuck to battery storage space.

Sector experts declare that the greatest obstacle for these brand-new storage space backed tenders is the cravings amongst significant gamers for such enormous dedications. The storage space play typically includes a significant enter complete financial investment needed, and also both the previous champions have actually had the advantage of accessibility to huge blobs of financial debt as well as equity financing.

In addition to that is the reality that because of dimension as well as difficulties, the projects are most likely to take longer to implement. With a clear ceiling on the non-peak price at Rs 2.88 per KwH, prospective buyers will certainly likewise require to consider the interruptions the Covid-19 pandemic could have created to the marketplace.





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