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Tips for Maintaining Your Solar Panels

Investing in solar panels for your home or business is a smart, eco-friendly decision. Usually, solar panels require minimal maintenance. Thanks to this, you can enjoy the benefits of solar panels for two decades or more before having to replace them.

While this is true, if you take small steps to ensure the panels continue to run smoothly and efficiently, the solar panels will last even longer. Some tips to help you maintain your solar panels can be found here.

Clean the Panels and Remove Debris

In most areas, the typical rainfall is enough to keep solar panels clean. However, in extremely dry areas or that go through a dry spell, the panels may collect dust, which reduces the system's capacity. Besides that, pollen, factory fumes, and birds' droppings can also reduce total energy production.

If your home or building is located near a busy road, the possibility of dirt, dust, and fumes is increased.

Solar panels mounted on the ground are easier to clean because they aren't as high. However, they are also more prone to getting dirty because they are more exposed than solar panels on your roof. Some of the tools you should have to clean your solar panels effectively include:

· Non-abrasive sponge

· Leaf blower

· Low-pressure hosepipe

· Non-abrasive broom

Steps for Cleaning Your Solar Panels

Sometimes, you may need different tools than what is listed above, depending on the condition of your solar panels. If your panels are dusty, use these steps to clean them:

· Read the manufacturer's instructions about the proper way to switch your system off. Turn the system off to avoid damaging or short-circuiting the electrical system.

· Use your broom to remove debris or pick them off if you can reach them.

· Spray water on your panels once all debris is removed. It's best to use slightly warm, soft water. Using too cold water may damage the cells, and hard water can leave a residue, reducing the system's output.

· Use your non-abrasive sponge for cleaning ground-mounted panels or a sponge with a handle to clean panels on your roof.

It's also a good idea to remove any snow that builds up on the panels. You can use a brush to get it off the surface since snow may also reduce the panels' efficiency.

Helpful Tips for Cleaning Your Solar Panels

There are a few tips to keep in mind to get your solar panels clean without causing possible damage. These include:

· Avoid using water that is too cold.

· Don't use abrasive scouring sponges or brushes.

· Avoid using detergents on your solar panels.

· Use soft water since hard water can leave a residue behind.

Call the professionals if you aren't sure how to handle the cleaning process on your own or feel confident in doing it. They can ensure that your panels are properly and safely cleaned to ensure superior output levels throughout the year, regardless of the weather. Being informed is essential for proper solar panel function.

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