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With 120 MWh Storage Win, Israel’s Augwind Challenges Lithium-ion Storage


With 120 MWh Storage Win, Israel's Augwind Challenges Lithium-ion Storage

Jan 27, 2021 10:37 AM ET

  1. Yakum, Israel-based Augwind has been claiming that its Air Battery energy storage space system will certainly be superior to Lithium battery storage.

The firm got a huge increase earlier this month when Israel’s Electric Authority awarded a big tender for 609 megawatts of solar and 2.4 gigawatt-hours of power storage space, of which at the very least 120 megawatt-hours of storage space will be from Augwind’s compressed air power storage systems. The project is because of be finished by July 2023. That’s early sufficient to supply Augwind a shot at the huge storage space opportunity that is expected to open up between currently and 2030, worldwide. With a turnover of just over NIS 6.8 million (Rs 15.3 crore) in 2019, this Israeli firm has significant passions.

Israel is targeting 16 GW of solar capability as well as at the very least 8 gigawatt-hours of energy storage by 2030.

Augwind will certainly be working with one more Israeli solar developer, Solegreen Ltd, which won 95.6 MW of solar capability in the tender. Augwind’smost notable success till currently had been a manage EDF Renewables to build a 5 MW solar plant in addition to a 20 MWh AirBattery power storage space system.

Augwind’s AirBattery system is asserted to have an overall performance of 75-81 percent on facilities above the 5 MW scale. The company claims their option is greener as it doesn’t require any kind of chemical aspects unlike lithium-ion batteries as well as likewise doesn’t struggle with the flammable risks of batteries. In fact, the company has actually compared its solution to pumped storage space systems, the earliest and also most leading storage space system being used worldwide, with the included caution that Augwind systems, being underground, take up also smaller impacts on the land.

The company is additionally developing the AirSmart system that it claims can be put on numerous industrial procedures that rely upon pressed air, by enhancing compressor run times, supporting the atmospheric pressure in those systems, and minimizing power intake for air compressor systems by up to 40%, together with reducing operating costs. The system will additionally allow companies to benefit from off-peak electricity prices to load their pressed air tank instead of running compressors based upon demand, which could be during peak hrs.




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