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Considerations To Make Before Having Solar Panels Installed On Your Roof

In the past year, home improvement spending has increased substantially. Many homeowners take on improvement projects with the goal of making their residence eco-friendly. If you are passionate about reducing your carbon footprint, then there is no denying the benefits of investing in solar power. Studies show that more homeowners than ever are thinking of using solar power than ever before.

Currently, millions of homes in the United States use solar energy. Roof-mounted solar panels are one of the most popular options on the market. If you are thinking of having solar panels installed on your home’s roof, you need to consider some of the factors in this article.

Is Your Roof In Need of Repair?

Before hiring professionals to install solar panels on your residential roof, you need to inspect this vital part of your home. Installing solar panels on a damaged roof is a horrible idea. Doing this can compromise the structural integrity of your roof and might damage the solar panels you have installed. While a new roof is an expensive home repair project to take on, it is usually worth it.

Not only will the new roof be free of problems, it will also have a warranty attached to it. The average solar panel will last for around 20 years. A residential roof can last for up to 15 years. Having both of these elements installed at the same time can help you reduce the cost of maintenance during the first few years of operation. Consulting with roofing professionals is the best way to plan out the installation of a new roof the right way.

The Weight Capacity of Your Roof

Most homeowners fail to realize just how much weight solar panels can add to their roofs. If your existing roof is unable to handle the additional weight of these solar panels, it might collapse. A roof collapse can be catastrophic, which is why you need to do all you can to avoid it. Instead of guessing about the amount of weight your roof can handle, you need to let a roofing professional take a look.

These professionals can perform an in-depth of your roof to ensure it is able to handle the weight of solar panels. Once you have the all-clear from these roofing professionals, you can schedule the installation of your panels.

Make a Plan For Water Runoff

A functional gutter system helps to keep water off of a home’s roof. The racking and wiring used to install solar panels can create water flow and drainage problems. This is why you need to work with a knowledgeable contractor to figure out how to avoid these problems. By getting help from professionals, you can keep water draining off of your roof after solar panels have been installed.

Are you tired of relying on fossil fuel-based energy sources? If so, it is time to invest in high-quality solar panels. Florida Solar East can get your new solar panels installed quickly and affordably.

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